Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Iranian comedian - Mohammad Ali Salimi

Mohammad Ali Salimi looks like a typical American jock. He is, but only in a "San Dimas high-school football rules!" kind of way. He's also an Iranian American stand-up comedian. He's from Georgia and and has a YouTube channel. He's got some good stories about growing up as the whitest kid in his area, his dad trying to fit in to American life and talks crap about every university in California.

Camel jackass

His stand-up debut


  1. I've actually seen him live a few times at one of Hollywood's The Comedy Store's stages. He's really good live. I talked to one of his friends at the show and she said he does Persian events, too.

  2. I saw him live too at a UCSB event - definitely a different type of Persian than your typical LA Persian..but still really funny stories about being Iranian in America


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