Sunday, 13 December 2009

Moronic search terms

The Ruh of Brown Folks has a great blog post about some of the moronic searches and searches and keywords that have brought people to their blog.
The problem/beauty of the internet is that any idiotic, moronic question that should never been asked out loud, can easily be typed into a search engine. And something... something... will inevitably show up.
Here are some of the keyword searches bringing people to this blog (and may they bring many more!)...
  • Who is K-Von dating?
  • utube iran comedy - The right place, but very lazy!
  • translate juan to farsi script
  • saudi babes youtube - Good luck
  • nono are you stay
  • lentil kibbeh
  • islamic religion shi'ite jokes
  • is patrick monahan of  puerto rican descent - No
  • bald iranian comedian - Omid Djalili

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