Sunday, 17 May 2009

Iranian comedian - Matt Kazam

Matt Kazam has an Iranian father and a Jewish mother from New York. But, as he says, he came out Puerto Rican. He's a hilariously funny stand-up comedian who's totally at home onstage and in front of a live audience. He's been on Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, has worked as an MC for Fortune 500 companies and regularly performs in America's top comedy clubs. He's a veteran of the US comedy circuit with almost 20 years in the business. His act covers every aspect of his life, his heritage and American life - Walmart, sex toys, American cities, kids, Denny's and much more. He's quick, funny and comes across as a really nice guy.

From his website you can get onto his Facebook, MySpace and YouTube sites. You can also buy his stand-up CD featuring two of his live routines.

Life begins at 40

Suburban gangstas

On being Jewish and Iranian

What are you waiting for? Subscribe to Matt Kazam's YouTube channel already!

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