Thursday, 21 May 2009

Iranian comedian - Reza Peyk

How to describe Canadian Iranian stand-up comedian Reza Peyk? Reza Peyk is badass. He's young, hip, edgy, vulgar and incredibly funny. Born in Tehran in 1982 to a former colonel and housewife, his family emigrated to Canada. He's relatively new to the comedy circuit, but he's working hard to get himself established and is constantly pushing boundaries and breaking taboos with his comedy taking his audience out of their world and into his own. He's recently been on tour with Maz Jobrani and will be out promoting his new DVD a lot in the summer.

He's got his own website and a new DVD out. He's also got lots more videos on his site.

Early stand-up video

Recent video

More Reza Peyk

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  1. I had the unfortunate night of seeing Reza peyk, and out of all the comedians he came off as the most amateur. it was like watching a train wreck on stage, nothing funny about that. Not interested in seeing him again.


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